Vimeo Embed

You can now embed your vimeo videos on your APF Website. They will also play on the iPhone/Android and iPad versions of your site.
Note: you must have the latest version of your design, after 11/6/2011. If you wish to update your site so you can use this new feature please submit a ticket under the Upgrade Request category.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Create a new text page and call it whatever you want

2. Visit the vimeo page of the video you wish to embed.

3. Grab the url of the video


4. Put the following as the only text on the page you created:



5. Visit your template settings page to adjust the width and height of the embed (Note: it will scale to fit the screen up to this limit).


Note: You can only have 1 vimeo video per page, so if you want a gallery of vimeo videos you need to create subpages with each video in a subpage. Make sure the parent page (Lecture in the example) is a redirect to the first video:

a-photo-folio-administration-1 a-photo-folio-administration-3

make sure the page title matches the URL exactly so if you have an Uppercase page title it needs to be uppercase in the link.

That’s it!

If you need additional help submit a support ticket.