Text Styling Tip

One annoying aspect of the flash text pages is that a single return will give you two spaces. I have a simple way to fix this so your text looks nice.

If you enter your text on a page like this:

Print and Assignment:

Editorial Sales:
VII New York

VII Photo Agency
28 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
+1.212.337.3130 (office)

Alina Grosman
M: 646-496-2052

VII Paris
VII Photo Agency
36, rue des Je√Ľneurs
75002 Paris
Phone: +

Nick Papadopoulos
Mobile: +33.6.7401.3800

Dominique Viger
Mobile: +

It will look like this:


Instead you need to use the <br /> html tag to create line breaks and where there is a space just do a single return. Your text will look like this:

Print and Assignment:<br /><u><a href=”mailto:seamusmurphy3@easynet.co.uk”>seamusmurphy3@easynet.co.uk</a></u>
Editorial Sales:<br />VII New York
VII Photo Agency<br />28 Jay Street<br />Brooklyn, NY 11201<br />USA<br />+1.212.337.3130 (office)
Alina Grosman<br />Alina@viiphoto.com<br />M: 646-496-2052
VII Paris<br />VII Photo Agency<br />36, rue des Je√Ľneurs<br />75002 Paris<br />France<br />Phone: +
Nick Papadopoulos<br />nick@viiphoto.com<br />Mobile: +33.6.7401.3800
Dominique Viger<br />dominique@viiphoto.com<br />Mobile: +

And your page will look like this:


If you need additional help submit a support ticket.