Interview with APF founding partner and SEO expert Erik Dungan [GO]

The 5 most important tips for improving the SEO of your APF website.

  1. Browser title – Use the most important keywords here and put them in order of importance. Refer to this page when writing your title and description:
  2. Gallery names – Gallery names are used as page titles on the html mirror site. If a keyword is important to you use it as a gallery name.
  3. Image captions – All of your image captions appear on the html page as text for google (search engines) to crawl. Give all relevant information about the image so people can find it using a search engine. NOTE: if you upload images with a description that information will appear on the html version but not the flash (main) version of your site unless you hit the submit button (click on image in image bank to do this).
  4. Blogging – Blogging about your shoots, your images and your services is a good way to get ranked for those things on the search engines.
  5. Optional, html opening page – Our optional html entry page allows you to seriously optimize your search engine visibility.

Bonus – Source Templates for SEO experts
Inside your admin under the Advanced tab there’s a page called Source Templates. On this page you will find the optional HTML entry page (needs to be turned on and styled) and the Main page for your site. The Main page is actually the page people reach when visiting your url and that’s where the flash launches. It’s also where we have the link to the html pages of your site so google can crawl them. SEO experts can place additional text and links on this page and even links to additional pages that will only be visible to search engines (and as search results sometimes). Make sure you make a copy of the contents of this page before doing anything to it in case you mess up.

SEO resources for photographers [GO]

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