PDF Creator

We just added this awesome new feature to all the sites that allows you to easily create a custom portfolio pdf for downloading using any of the images on your site or grant access to your visitors to do it themselves.

If you want to test it out go here:



Here’s how you add this feature to your site:

  1. Your site must be “live” for the PDF creator to work
  2. Download the PDF folder here: http://apfmanual.com/pdf.zip
  3. Unzip it on your desktop
  4. Upload to your site using the ftp instructions included in your welcome email (put it inside the httpdocs folder)
  5. Visit http://yourwebsite.com/pdf (change yourwesite.com to your website domain name)
  6. To change the settings visit: http://yourwebsite.com/pdf/settings.php (change yourwesite.com to your website domain name)

If you want to add a link from your menu to the PDF creator:

  1. Create a text page and name it whatever you’d like
  2. Put the following as the only text on the page:
  3. REDIRECT:http://yourdomain.com/pdf

  4. (replace yourdomain.com with your domain name)

That’s it. Enjoy.

Note: It will pull your logo file but there’s the possibility that you uploaded a logo but decided not to use it and in that case you will need to delete the logo out of the images folder found inside the httpdocs folder.

If you need additional help submit a support ticket.