What’s New

You can now embed Vimeo videos on your site (here).

We have a new facebook appĀ http://facebook.aphotofolio.com

New social media buttons: Google+ (+1) and Facebook Like (here).

New image caption settings (here).

New image loading indicator settings (here).

New intro logo (here).

Percentage Based Page Borders (here).

Create custom thumbnails. Instructions (here).

Batch resize your images in photoshop. Video (here).

We just released our iPad App. Instructions for use are (here).

We have a new mobile version for all the sites and the help page is (here).

We recently released a pdf creator that you can download and add to your site (here).

When people link to your APF website in Facebook you can designate a thumbnail to represent your site on FB. We have instructions (here).

If you need additional help submit a support ticket.