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How do I create spaces/style the menu?

Menu styling

How do I knockout the logo background?

How to knockout your logo background

How can I see what the page fonts look like?

Page Text Font Examples

How can I see what the Menu and Title fonts look like?

Title and Menu Font Examples

How to avoid conflicts between your logo and the menu text:

Placing Your Logo On The Menu

Template Settings

Our template settings allow you to quickly change many things on your site that would normally require a programmer. We have created this video and this settings map to help you understand how it all works.

How Do I Add Social Networking Icons To My Menu

All designs (except D4) allow you to add clickable social networking icons to your menu:

d3-social-networking socialicons-d2

To do this all you have to do is:

1. Create a page and call it whatever you like.

2. The only text on the page should be the following

a. For a Facebook icon.


b. For a Twitter icon.


c. For a LinkedIn icon.


Those are the only three available at this time.

Note: If you are using the contact form that is the very last item on the menu and your icons will appear above it. An easy work around is to make a contact page with all your information on it and turn off the contact form (make sure you rename it so there’s no conflict). That way you can place the contact page where ever you want.


We recently added the Google+ (+1) button the Facebook Like button to all the designs. And, because there’s a growing list of buttons to add we created a new (optional) location to add them to your site

Note: If your site was installed before July 22, 2011 you will need to request an upgrade to use these new features.

You now have 3 locations for social networking buttons:

1. On your main menu.


2. As subpages to a “social” page.


3. On the bottom right of your website.


To add the Facebook Like button simply

  • Create a page
  • Call it whatever you want
  • Place the word like as the only text on the page


To add the Google+ (+1) button simply

  • Create a page
  • Call it whatever you want
  • Place the word plus1 as the only text on the page


To add the buttons to the new location

  • Log into the admin and go to the site settings tab and the profile page
  • You will see a new item called NavBar Social Icons
  • enter the text for each icon separated by a comma in the order you would like them to appear: like,plus1,facebook:,twitter:,linkedin:


If you need additional help submit a support ticket.