Loadbar Properties

We introduced a new block of settings that allow you to change your loading indicator and adjust how and where it appears. This even changes the loading indicator for the initial site load and the video load.


Here are the different settings available and how they work:

Loader Properties

Loader Type: Choose between 4 different image loading indicators. Spinner, Percent, Vertical Line, Horizontal Line and None.
Loader Anchor Point: Determine where the loader sits on the page.
Loader Horizontal Offset: Move the loader position from the anchor point horizontally.
Loader Vertical Offset: Move the loader position from the anchor point vertically.
Loader Font: Chose where the font is pulled from for the Percent loader.
Loader Font Size: Chose the font size for the Percent loader.
Loader Thickness: Chose the line thickness for the line loaders.
Loader Transparency: Chose the transparency for the loader.
Loader Blend Mode: Determine how the loader blends with the background. To learn more about the different blend properties go (here).

If you need additional help submit a support ticket.