iPad App

Your website comes with it’s own iPad App that allows you to download the entire contents of your site (including hidden galleries) to your ipad. Go here to download the App:

Your APF website must be “live” for this to work.

When you first launch the app you will see a login screen. Select your APF admin server (Denali, Rainier, Teton or Elbrus) and enter your admin username (email) and password.


Next you will see a screen that allows you to sync the app with your APhotoFolio website. Depending on how many images and videos you have and the connection you are using this can take several hours to accomplish. You will see a percentage progress to give you an idea how much longer.

NOTE: If you are using an older version of Designs 1-3 there’s a chance it will hang and not progress past 0%. Submit a support ticket so we can upgrade your site.


Once everything is loaded on the ipad you will see all your image and video galleries. You can delete any galleries, images or videos by simply pressing on them and holding until the (x) delete button shows up. In this mode you can also rearrange everything by holding down on it again until it grows bigger and moving it where you want.

NOTE: There is a very special reason why hidden galleries are synced-up to the iPad. We envision that you will create a gallery(s) specifically to send or show to a client. Once you sync it to your ipad you can delete all other galleries so that’s the only gallery they see. In other instances you will want to have an iPad loaded with all your work to carry around in case you run into someone who wants to see it. The hidden galleries allow you to load content on your iPad you would not want to display publicly on your site.


At this time none of your pages are synced-up to the iPad App. We have two pages under the information button where you can manually enter your bio and client list. To do this, on the main screen select settings and click on Biography and Clients. Your Contact Info will be synced-up but can be edited here as well.

There are two other options on the setting screen. You can add a Boot Screen which is a screen that will appear when the app is first launched. And, you can add a title image to replace the text title that is pulled from your APF admin. Both images will be pulled from your ipad photos (not APF photos). Consult the ipad manual if you do not know how to add images to your ipad from itunes.


NOTE: To re-sync use the Reset App button to start over.

Finally, you have the option to lock out the settings and the ability to delete and move content. On the main screen press the lock button. This allows you to mail the iPad and have your presentation “locked-in” how you want it.


If you need additional help submit a support ticket.