Image Captions

All images are captioned in the image bank. Simply click on an image to enter a caption.imagecaption

We recently added these setting to your template settings:

Caption Properties

NOTE: These are new settings. If your site was installed before May 15, 2011 you will need to request an upgrade to use them.
Persistent Captions: Set to true if you want the captions to be always on.
Anchor Point: Determine where the captions are anchored on the page.
Caption Width: Set the width of the caption box.
Horizontal Offset: Move the caption horizontally from the anchor point.
Vertical Offset: Move the caption vertically from the anchor point.
Map Font To: Determine which font to use for the captions.
Font Size: Set the font size for the captions.
Caption Text Alignment: Change the justification for the caption text here.
Background Radius: Use this number to create rounded corners or not.
Background Transparency: Set the transparency for the background of the caption box (100 is solid).
Blend Mode: Determine how the loader blends with the background. To learn more about the different blend properties go (here).
Text Color: Set the color for your caption text.
Background Color: Set the color for the background of the caption box.
Caption Close Button: Allows you to add an “x” to the caption box so people viewing and image can remove the caption box (ideal if you are placing a caption on an image so they read it first).
Blank Box: This box allows you to transfer settings so that individual captions can behave differently.

In addition to these settings there are several advanced things you can do with your image captions.


You can now use the following html tags in the image captions.

<font size="25">font size control</font>
<font color="#FFFFFF">font color control</font>
<a href=""><u>link name</u></a>
<img src="" />

Custom Control For Each Caption

By pasting the string of settings from the “Blank Box” above to the beginning of a caption you can change the settings for that caption only. Note: when you are changing the settings in caption properties don’t hit save and your changes will not effect the global caption settings you have.



Note: Custom caption strings can be used in the video captions as well (here).

If you need additional help submit a support ticket.