Help with the iPad version of your site

All APF websites come with an iPad version of the site that will only be visible when your site is “live.”

How do I log into my iPad admin?

The login location for the iPad version of your site is located here: (switch out yourdomain with yes, Your Domain, only leave off the .com, .net or .whatever). Login using your APF admin login (Note: ipad username may possibly be set the same as your ftp username).

For example: my website is so my login for the iPad is

How do I change the colors?

Once logged into the iPad admin you will see this:


Select colors to change specific colors (Note: handy hex color chart can be found here)

For advanced users who want to enter custom css click here to see the style sheet for the iPad site.

Or if you select styles you can add a pre-designed white style (black is the default)

How can I change the contact page information?

Once inside the admin select settings:


To override the email and phone that is being pulled directly from your APF site simply enter a new email and phone. You can also add a blog, facebook and twitter button to the contact page when you enter values in for these. Here’s what it looks like:


Video On The iPad

To get your videos working properly on an iPad you will need to follow these specifications from Apple:

Creating Pages For The iPad Only

It’s possible some of the pages you’ve created for your website do not work well on the iPad. We’ve created a simple work around solution that will allow you to block those pages on iPad and create new ones for iPad only.

On each page you want to remove from the iPad version of your site you will uncheck the box that says “show page in HTML version.”

For each page you wish to appear in the iPad version only you will check the box that says “show page in HTML version” and check the box that says “hide this page.”


If you need additional help submit a support ticket.