Help My Site Is Broken – Read This First

If your website is suddenly displaying erratic behavior (missing thumbs, pages don’t open, galleries don’t open or it seems like there’s a ghost in your site) 99% of the time it’s one of the following culprits:

1. Some characters like a backslash / in the name of a category, gallery or page will break a site. Try removing the character.

2. You have characters or spaces in the image names. Delete the images with characters (other than underscore “_” and dash”-“). On your desktop remove the characters from the files and upload again.

3. You have a page with a blank subpage. See the example:

4. You have a blank gallery in with regular galleries. See the example:

5. Bad HTML. Sometimes when people are inserting their information on the contact form they accidentally delete a “<” and this will crash the site. Additionally if you’ve placed some HTML on pages and not done it correctly it will crash the site. For contact page errors simply remove all the html formatting (you don’t need most of it).

6. The image you uploaded is huge (i.e. 25 MB). Large images cannot be processed by the site and are easy to spot because they have no thumbnail in the image bank.

If you need additional help submit a support ticket.