Going Live

There are two important parts to making your new APhotoFolio website “live”:

1. Setting up your email so there is no disruption of email service.

2. Pointing your domain name (e.g. http://robhaggart.com) to our servers so your new site becomes visible to the world.

If you are ready to make your site “live” move on to Step 1 >>>>

Important: Taking your site live on Friday afternoon is generally not a good idea. If problems arise over the weekend our response time will be delayed and you could be without email for several days.

Once your site is live you might want to add our free PDF Creator:
download our free iPad App:
or add the free Facebook app:

Also, to be included on our list of clients: live.aphotofolio.com
you can submit your “live” url to live@aphotofolio.com

If you need additional help submit a support ticket.