FTP Your Images Up

Here’s a neat trick if you’d rather ftp all your images into the site or use a program like lightroom to add photos to the site.

If you look on the server using the ftp access we gave you in you welcome email you will see a folder called httpdocs. Inside that folder is your website and a folder called gallery. Inside that you will see a folder called original. That is where you will want to add images.

The path will be /httpdocs/gallery/original


Once the images are added you will need to go under the advanced tab and rebuild thumnails:


This creates all the thumbs for the site.

NOTE: Capture One users can do the same thing by creating a Web contact sheet under “file” with CO 6.0 This feature may also be available to 5.0 users

That’s it. Enjoy.

If you need additional help submit a support ticket.