Facebook Thumbnails

If you want a thumbnail to show when you or other people link to your APF website on Facebook here’s how you do it.

1. Go into the image bank and find the image you want to represent your site, click on the image then click on the “Open Image Full-size” link underneath the image.

2. You will see a url in your browser that points to this image, copy it.

e.g. picture-9

3. In your website admin under the advanced tab you will see a page called “Source Templates.” On that page you will see a template called Main page with a pencil next to it. Click on the pencil.

4. Grab this code:

<link rel="image_src" href="http://example.com/facebook-will-use-this.jpg" />

5. Underneath meta name=”description” insert a blank line and then put that code above in there.

6. Replace the part in the code above between the quotes with the url you grabbed about that points to an image of yours.

7. Phew. Done.


If you need additional help submit a support ticket.