Blog Manual

Moving Your Existing Blog Over To Your APF Blog (i.e. blog migration)

Check out these 100 free high quality wordpress themes, perfect to creating a unique looking blog.

NEW: If you’re not ready to tackle learning wordpress you might want to check out Tumblr
Tumblr is the easiest micro blogging platform in the world and can be linked to a subdomain of your website ( After your site is live sign up for tumblr and tell us what subdomain you want it linked to (example: Then in your tumblr blog admin click customize, then info, then check “Use a custom domain name”. Give it the same name you told us (example: Done! If you get stuck instructions are here.

WordPress makes the most powerful blogging platform on the planet and because they have an open source self hosted version we can install it on your URL for free. Having a blog on your URL is powerful SEO and a good way to keep people up to date.

WordPress Lessons

Learning about CSS:

Current Themes and Plug-ins:

New Official WordPress TV Site with video instructions:

Page of blog basics and helpful hints:

If you need additional help submit a support ticket.